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Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
Rose Purple Custard Apple
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Rose Purple Custard Apple

Rose Purple Custard Apple

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🌟🍉 Custard apple allows you to enjoy the pure and natural taste and satisfy your pursuit of healthy life! 🥗💪
🌱Introduction: Also known as Honey Red Custard Apple, it is a natural variant of Custard Apple (Custard Apple), introduced from Central America, with a dark red or purple appearance and white flesh. Except for its special color, the taste, aroma and size are similar to those of Custard Apple. The fruit weighs 400-600 grams and has a sugar content of 22-25. The fruit is easy to ripen after harvesting and can mature between November and March of the following year.
【Rose Purple Custard Apple】💜Rare variety💜
✅The king of anti-cancer, known as fruit ice cream, with a sweetness index of five levels
Purple Custard Apple is extremely nutritious and has a very high anthocyanin content...it can beautify the skin💃...replenish physical strength...clean blood...strengthen bones...prevent scurvy...enhance immunity...anti-cancer. It has been known as a fine tonic since ancient times and has extremely high nutritional value.
👉Nutritional value of sugar apple
Custard apple has extremely high nutritional value. In every 100 grams of sugar apple pulp, the moisture is 8.36 grams, the soluble solids are 18.0% to 26%, the minerals are 0.6% to 0.7%, the carbohydrates are 23.9%, the calcium is 0.2%, the phosphorus is 0.04%, the iron is 1.0%, and the organic acids are 0.42%, containing 15.3% to 18.3% total sugar, 0.265g of vitamin C, and 1.55g of protein. Among them, the fat content of sugar apple is only 0.14% to 0.3% and contains many substances needed by the human body.
The efficacy and function of sugar apple
1. Improve immunity: Custard apple is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can protect dental health, prevent arteriosclerosis, scavenge free radicals and prevent cancer, protect cells, detoxify, protect the liver, and improve immunity.
2. Supplement iron to prevent anemia: Custard apple has high iron content and is suitable for patients with iron deficiency anemia. Pregnant women, children and breastfeeding women should pay attention to iron supplements.
3. Strong bones: Custard apple is rich in calcium. Calcium is the basic raw material for bone development. It directly affects height, regulates enzyme activity, participates in nerve and muscle activities and the release of neurotransmitters, regulates hormone secretion, regulates heart rhythm, Reduce cardiovascular permeability, control inflammation and edema, maintain acid-base balance, etc.
4. Supplement energy: Custard apple contains a lot of carbohydrates, which are important substances that make up the body. They store and provide heat energy and are necessary energy sources to maintain brain function.
5. Lose weight and moisturize the intestines: Custard apple can regulate fat metabolism, provide dietary fiber, save protein, detoxify, and enhance intestinal function.



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