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After growing flowers for 3 years, 5 significant changes have taken place in me

Dec 11,2023 | reder-shop

There is a saying circulating in the circle of flower friends: "People raise flowers, and flowers also raise people." While planting flowers, flowers and plants are also affecting me. Let's talk about the changes that growing flowers has made on me -

1. Become more home-loving
Before I started growing flowers, I loved traveling and playing. But since I started growing flowers, I found that I was happy to stay at home for a long time. Sometimes I would even worry about whether the flowers at home would grow when I traveled for more than 2 days. Water shortage and so on. The period of quarantine due to the epidemic has also made me feel calmer, because being with flowers, plants and books is also a reassuring thing.

2. Reduced material desires
Before growing flowers, I always liked to follow fashion trends and buy all kinds of clothes, shoes, and bags. After I fell in love with growing flowers, my focus of spending money began to shift. There was a time when I would sit in several gardening rooms every day, buying flowers, pots, soil, fertilizer, and even manure. In the past, I spent money to make myself beautiful, but now I spend money to make flowers beautiful, and I have to "eat soil". It doesn't matter

3. Become more patient
I am originally an impatient person. Since I started growing flowers, I have put in soil, fertilization, watering, and pesticides... People who have never raised flowers cannot understand how much effort and effort I have spent in this process. Roses, clematis, hydrangea, geraniums, succulents, as well as various grass flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc. Each plant has different habits, and it is impossible for impatient people to do it well.

4. Become richer
The "wealth" mentioned here is not just how much money is in the account, but also how many houses and cars there are. These are all external things.
Growing flowers makes people "richer", which is an inner pursuit. I will be excited about the unfolding leaves of flowers when winter turns to spring, I will be excited about the blooming of a flower, and I will be happy for the blooming flowers on the balcony all day long!

5. Become more calm
Life is unsatisfactory. Nine times out of ten, we have to face various pressures from work and family every day. The original me would go shopping, eat, or travel when I was unhappy. Since I fell in love with growing flowers, I have found that my heart has become calmer and calmer.

Flowers are actually simpler than people. How much you pay for them will be what they return to you. Last year, I was depressed for a long time because of some things, but in the end, the only thing that saved me, apart from psychology, was the things I raised. Flowers, I was moved by their vigorous vitality. At that moment, I really felt that there was no winter that would not pass and no spring that would not come.
Everything is like this, and so is my life.